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Avrils Mobile Grooming Service

M: 07811 320914 T: 01288 381795

Pet Health

Weight and Diet, Skin and Coats, Nails, Ears, Eyes and Supplements.

Pet Health

Pet Grooming

Grooming and bathing for dogs, cats and small animals.

Pet Grooming


A legal requirement and added peace of mind. Contact us to get your pet chipped and registered on the PETtrac database.


Important notice to all of my customers from 12 April 2021

GREAT NEWS EVERYONE  Following the next stage of the Government's Roadmap, I am now able to return to normal working practices and not just for welfare purposes.  However safety is still a high priority, while we are still working our way out of the pandemic.  Therefore the following precautions  and safety protocols will remain in place.

I would like to request your co-operation with the following:-  

  • Ringing the bell at the front gate on arrival.  Do not enter the grooming room.  Please have your dog ready and on a suitable lead. I will come and collect your dog from you wearing the necessary PPE and maintaining social distancing guidance.
  • Be prepared to leave your dog with me if possible. You can wait outside or in your car, or return to collect if you would prefer.
  • If you are suffering any of the symptoms of the Coronavirus or are self isolating due to other members of your household showing symptoms please call me first to discuss your needs.

As you might expect, I am getting booked up very quickly now. However if I am unable to answer a call it may be that I am in the grooming room working and I would request that you please leave a message.  I will aim to get back to you as soon as possible to arrange a booking. 


Thank you.  Look forward to seeing many of you very soon. 


Avril’s Mobile Grooming Service is a small friendly family business based in Pyworthy, Devon. Run by trained veterinary nurse Avril Glessing offering Pet Health Care, Grooming and Microchipping for cats and dogs.


  • Dog and Cat Grooming
  • Bathing
  • Microchipping
  • Flea and Worm treatments
  • Weight checks and dietary advice
  • Nails, teeth, ear and gland checks
Dog bathing


Avril’s Mobile Grooming Service stock a wide range of pet accessories including:

  • ID Tags
  • Drying coats
  • Non prescription health care products
  • Dietary supplements.

Holsworthy pet health clinic

Currently I am unable to hold a pet health clinic in Holsworthy Pets every 3rd Tuesday of the month, due to the current restrictions. I am hoping to start the clinics again when safe to do so. 
Holsworthy Pets remains open for business as usual with Covid safety measures in place.
Visit us at: 4 Victoria Square, Holsworthy EX22 6AA

Holsworthy Pets Logo

Herbal medicines and supplements

We stock a range of Herbal medicines and supplements suitable for cats, dogs and other pets.

These are an ideal compliment to prescribed medicines and treat conditions such as; stress, arthritis, rheumatism, kidney disorders, skin conditions, gland problems and coat conditioning.

Advice is given on an individual basis

Dorwest Herbal Pet Care products

Avril’s Latest News April 2021

  Welcome to all my customers old and new and any first timers browsing my website

April 12 sees the next stage of the Government's Roadmap and I am therefore now open for business as normal but still following strict safety guidelines.  

As a Qualified Veterinary Nurse (SQP), I am also happy to provide advice on health and wellbeing issues and I am willing to take any clients who could be referred by their VET.   If you have any concerns, please give me a ring and I will advise you on the best course of action. 

I am regularly checking and keeping up to date with all the latest advice and guidance from the Government and the CSFG and continue to implement a range of precautions and protocols to keep us all safe.   

For us lambing is now finished and most of our new arrivals are out in the fields with their mums and siblings.  The lovely weather we had over the Easter Weekend gave them a good head start especially important with the cold north winds we are experiencing this week.  We have also welcomed even more new arrivals with our Guinea Pigs and watched as our incubated eggs hatched to produce some very cute chicks!  All are coming on well. 


As well as providing a full grooming services as described above during lockdown for dogs and cats, I am also able to take other small pets such as guinea pigs and rabbits.   I would be pleased to discuss your needs so please give me a call.

Parasite Season begins again

Our pet’s health and welfare is always so important and especially with the challenges of limited exercise, whether due to lockdown or the inclement weather.

There are a few reminders as we move hopefully into warmer weather.  Parasites love it when the weather improves especially fleas and worms.  It is important to keep your pets protected from a range of parasites.  Fleas can carry tapeworm eggs that once ingested by an animal will settle into the stomach and gradually grow into an adult tapeworm.   The eggs can be ingested through self-grooming or from scavenging.  Tapeworms can cause weight loss, anal itching and fatigue and can grow up to 70cm long. They are made of segments about the size of a grain of rice. 

Roundworms are also an unpleasant parasite that can carry Toxocariasis which could infect humans from handling soil or sand from infected animal faeces.  For most people an infection can be fairly harmless but in rare cases it can cause serious illness.  Therefore it is very important to ensure good hygiene when picking up animal faeces or cleaning cat litter trays.  If children are playing in soil or open sandpits it is also very important to make sure hands are washed thoroughly after contact.   Keeping worming treatments up to date to keep any parasites under control is therefore vital for your own, your family and your pet's health.  

  This is a roundworm which I retrieved from a puppy! Not pleasant 

Please ensure you keep your pet parasite treatments up to date. As a Suitably Qualified Person, I can advise on the best treatment for your pet.  I can also supply a range of medical products including Drontal® worm treatments for dogs and cats that protect against intestinal worms including tapeworm, hookworm, roundworm, and whip worm.  They are available as tasty bone tablets for dogs and come in different pack sizes.

I also sell a range of other pet related products including grooming products, drying coats, shampoo’s, leads, collars etc.  Again, give me a ring if you need any pet related item and I will advise you accordingly.

And it is also Tick season again now!

These little critters can cause serious problems in both cats and dogs especially if they enjoy running or playing in long grass.  The ticks attach themselves high up the blade of grass just waiting to hook their victim as they are passing by.  They do not always bury into the skin and start sucking blood immediately so it is important to brush down and check your pet's coat when you return from a walk where ticks may have been present.  Ticks can carry a number of diseases. A particularly nasty disease is called Lyme's Disease.  If you suspect your pet has ticks please do not try to remove them by just pulling them off.  You must make sure to remove all parts, including the mouth parts.  It is best to bring your pet I can remove ticks safely however I also sell a small device which you can use at home called a tick remover.

 Tick remover - 2 sizes available.  Please contact me for more information.



Seresto° collars protect from ticks, fleas and lice infestations for up to 8 months. 

I can supply different sizes available for both cats and dogs.







Please contact me for further information on any of the above issues but if you have any immediate health concerns please contact your vet in the first instance, who will be able to advise on the best course of treatment.

More Plants that can be poisonous to pets if ingested.  

If you have any of these plants in your garden or home keep an eye on your pets if they are around them and enjoy munching on different plants!  If you suspect your pet has consumed any plant or other substance that you think may be harmful, give your VET a call and they will be able to advise you on the best course of action.


Now business is returning to the new normal, with appointments for all treatments now available, not just for welfare purposes, I am getting extremely busy. Please book your appointments as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.   Sorry if I am unable to take your call, I will probably be working, so please leave a message or send me an email and I will get back to you as soon as possible.  Look forward to seeing you soon.


A guinea pig came in for nail trim.

Very cute!

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