Terms and Conditions and Grooming Policy

Avril's Mobile Grooming Service


Address: Meadow View, Derril, Pyworthy, Holsworthy EX22 6YB

Terms and Conditions and Grooming Policy

In order to protect you, your pet, and the groomer, you will be asked to sign the disclaimer below before the grooming takes place. Please read through the following document.

Avrils’s Mobile grooming Service Customer Consent / Disclaimer form




Pets name


Owners name




Telephone Number


Health conditions/skin problems/ medication




Neutered yes /noEmail address




Vaccinated ? yes /no


Does your dog have a history of aggression towards dogs or people?


Vets details



Grooming Policy


Avril has a high regard for your dog/cat /pet and will always do what is best for your dog/cat/pet and by consultation with the owner, do what is needed.


It must be made clear however that it may sometimes be difficult to achieve the visual effect an owner is looking for, especially on the first groom, and that no guarantee can be made in this regard. This can be due to the dog’s pre groom condition. (e.g. Matted fur or skin condition.) In this case the hair may be clipped shorter to release the matt. In some cases, the skin may be sore underneath or there may be red skin where dirt or parasites have accumulated under the matt. Removal of matting is important to let the skin breathe.



Please inform me of your pet’s likely behaviour. If the dog/cat is aggressive or if it is in pain anywhere, this can cause discomfort and your pet may be upset. If this happens the correct restraint may have to be used to protect myself the groomer and the owner / handler. (These include the use of a muzzle, a bandage on the muzzle, or in the case of cats a towel or mask.)

If the pet becomes too aggressive I have to right to stop the process and the owner will still be asked to pay for the grooming in full.



Owners Agreement


I agree not to hold Avril’s Mobile Grooming Service responsible for injuries that may happen due to the use of equipment (which may be sharp) while being groomed, allergic reactions from products or food and treats, or any other occurrence that is out of this establishment’s control.

I agree that if my pet is found to have issues due to poor coat, health issues, problems due to my pet being elderly, or because of poor temperament, aggression, or causes injury to themselves, Avril’s Mobile Grooming Service will not be held responsible.


I understand the above listed, and that my pets grooming manners are an issue for safe and happy grooming experience.

I authorize this establishment to provide necessary emergency treatment for my pet at my expense at the closest veterinary clinic if needed.




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