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Avrils Mobile Grooming Service

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Pet Health

Weight and Diet, Skin and Coats, Nails, Ears, Eyes and Supplements.

Pet Health

Pet Grooming

Grooming and bathing for dogs, cats and small animals.

Pet Grooming


A legal requirement and added peace of mind. Contact us to get your pet chipped and registered on the PETtrac database.


*****Exciting NEW Service*****


Teeth cleaning courses for dogs now available using new state-of-the-art ultrasound technology


Scroll down for more information or please give me a call to book a course of treatment 
Safety is still a high priority, while we are still working our way out of the pandemic.  Therefore the following precautions and safety protocols will remain in place.

I would like to request your co-operation with the following:-  

  • Ringing the bell at the front gate on arrival.  Do not enter the grooming room.  Please have your dog ready and on a suitable lead. I will come and collect your dog from you wearing the necessary PPE and maintaining social distancing guidance.
  • Be prepared to leave your dog with me if possible. You can wait outside or in your car, or return to collect if you would prefer.
  • If you are suffering any of the symptoms of the Coronavirus or are self isolating due to other members of your household showing symptoms please call me first to discuss your needs.

I am very busy at the moment.  If I am unable to answer a call it may be that I am in the grooming room working and I would request that you please leave a message.  I will aim to get back to you as soon as possible to arrange a booking. 


Thank you.  Look forward to seeing many of you very soon. 


Avril's Mobile Grooming Service is a small friendly family business based in Pyworthy, Devon. Run by trained veterinary nurse Avril Glessing offering Pet Health Care, Grooming and Microchipping for cats and dogs.


  • Dog and Cat Grooming
  • Bathing
  • Microchipping
  • Flea and Worm treatments
  • Weight checks and dietary advice
  • Nails, teeth, ear and gland checks
Dog bathing


Avril's Mobile Grooming Service stock a wide range of pet accessories including:

  • ID Tags
  • Drying coats
  • Non prescription health care products
  • Dietary supplements.

Holsworthy pet health clinic

Currently I am unable to hold a pet health clinic in Holsworthy Pets every 3rd Tuesday of the month, due to the current restrictions. I am hoping to start the clinics again when safe to do so. 
Holsworthy Pets remains open for business as usual with Covid safety measures in place.
Visit us at: 4 Victoria Square, Holsworthy EX22 6AA

Holsworthy Pets Logo

Herbal medicines and supplements

We stock a range of Herbal medicines and supplements suitable for cats, dogs and other pets.

These are an ideal compliment to prescribed medicines and treat conditions such as; stress, arthritis, rheumatism, kidney disorders, skin conditions, gland problems and coat conditioning.

Advice is given on an individual basis

Dorwest Herbal Pet Care products

Avril's Latest News June/July 2022

  Welcome to all my customers old and new and any first timers browsing my website

I can provide a full grooming services for all breeds of cats and dogs am also able to take other small pets such as guinea pigs and rabbits.  As a Qualified Veterinary Nurse (SQP), I am also   happy to provide advice on health and well being issues. I would be pleased to discuss your needs, so please give me a call. 



 I am now offering teeth cleaning courses using an Ultrasound Toothbrush, providing antibacterial, gentle and quiet tooth cleaning for your dog.

Keeping your pet's teeth in good condition is particularly important.  Dog's teeth can both be prone to the build up of plaque which can turn into tartar. 

This can then lead to more serious problems such as gingivitis, infection, tooth loss and gum disease.  Tartar can cause inflammation and sore gums and can be painful when eating and playing.  Regular cleaning can really help prevent this build up. 

The benefits of using a ultrasound toothbrush include:

Non-invasive treatment using special 3 sided brush head

  • Cleans the dog's teeth silently and without vibration
  • Suitable for pets who refuse to tolerate normal cleaning
  • Sonic cleaning helps to break down tartar and bacteria
  • Reaches smallest spaces, crevices and gaps and cleans where normal toothbrushes cannot reach

These pictures show how treatment can really help remove the build up of tartar.  These are the results after just 1 treatment!!    


      Before                                  After


Please contact me to discuss your treatment options.  A course of treatment can prevent more invasive treatments such as dental operations in the future so it is worth finding out more.


Prices start from £10 for the first consultation depending on the level of treatment required and then from £5 during a regular grooming appointment on top of the grooming price.


Once your dogs teeth are lovely and clean there are lots of ways to help keep them in good condition, that you can do at home.  Daily tooth brushing is by far the best way to keep your pet's teeth healthy.  Always use a pet-safe toothpaste and toothbrush.  


Remember that chews can be high in calories so if you are giving them regular dental sticks you should adjust their diet to account for the additional calories.   However, if your dog's teeth look like they have a very large build-up of plaque you should seek the advice of your vet as they may need their professional attention. 

 Further updates on their way so watch this space





A guinea pig came in for nail trim.

Very cute!

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